Can I be evicted from a Miami vacation rental?

At the discretion of Miami Habitat, guests may, in fact, be evicted from our Miami vacation rentals. We strive to maintain a safe and peaceful environment for our guests. We kindly ask that guest take advantage of our orientation process and educate themselves on our Miami vacation rentals rules and regulations. Adhering to these rules and regulations will help avoid an eviction in Miami. Please read more about how to avoid evictions.

Should any violations or fines occur as a direct result of a Guest’s activity that led to eviction in Miami, such as, but not limited to: excessive noise, conducting business, filming movies, etc. without the proper authorization/permit of the city and the owner in writing, Miami Habitat, Inc. reserves the right to terminate this contract and forfeit all monies paid. In addition the Guests will be liable to pay any related fines, as well as any legal fees that Miami Habitat, Inc. or the property owner should incur due to such violation.