Can I book Miami Beach lodging online?

At this time we do not offer online booking of Miami condo vacation rentals on our website Reserving Miami Beach lodging is more complex than booking a typical hotel room because there are many more factors involved. We want our clients to receive the best customer service possible which we believe, when booking a vacation rental, can only be done by speaking directly to them.

Hotels generally follow the same protocol making online booking very routine. Miami condo vacation rentals on the other hand are quite different and there is much more involved when securing a reservation. Unlike a common hotel room, each vacation condo or home is much different from the next and we have a large inventory to choose from. Because of this our clients have plenty of questions including location of certain properties, do we supply linens, are our properties completely furnished, where they pick up key, etc.

When choosing the ideal Miami Beach lodging for a vacation our clients always feel more comfortable speaking directly with a member of our reservations team. We are able to provide them with excellent customer service and answering questions pertaining to the particular property, payment process and more. On average our reservation members speak or email a client 4 or 5 times before they actually book Miami Beach lodging.

In spite of the fact that we do not offer online booking, the process is rather and easy and quick, within less than 30 minutes the whole process could be completed. Contact one of our reservation agents today at 305-673-3958 or by email to inquire about a vacation rental for your next visit to Miami.