Why is it better to book with a Miami Beach vacation rental agency than directly by owner?

Guests wishing to secure a Miami Beach accommodation have several avenues they may deal with a vacation rental agency, through a realtor or through an owner directly. Our agency spends 100% of our energy on handling vacation rentals and nothing else. Some troubled owners that were deeply impacted by the real estate bubble decided to add a new activity to their repertoire : becoming a hospitality operator. Prospective visitors in Miami in search of a good deal for a Miami Beach accommodation are quick to realize that it is not always cheaper to deal with a private owner and that is often more problematic.Below are three major reasons it’s better to book vacation home rentals in Miami through a management company instead of directly through the owner.

1. Book Miami holiday apartments through a professional

A vacation rental management company is focused strictly on one thing; the management of Miami holiday apartments. Not only is this their profession but they will have a dedicated to the management and upkeep of properties. These employees are knowledgeable and have the expertise that a home owner may lack. A management company is also prepared to immediately fix any problems that may occur within a vacation rental during a client stay.

2. More Miami holiday apartments to choose from
While an owner may offer one or two properties, a management company will have a selection of vacation home rentals in Miami to choose from.

3. Guaranteed satisfaction
What happens when you and your family arrive in Miami and the vacation rental that you booked by owner is not what you expected? Perhaps the A/C breaks or there is a problem with the plumbing during your stay? Does the owner of the property have a 24 hour maintenance crew to resolve the problem? Can the owner move you to another property or prepared to place you in a hotel? When you book vacation home rentals Miami through a professional management company any problems that arise are taken care of immediately and if repairs cannot be made in a timely matter they will move you to another property.