Why should I book from a Miami Beach vacation rental agency and not a Realtor?

Although their specialty is in real estate sales and rentals, a handful of Realtors are also attempting to offer Miami Beach accommodations. When the real estate market is tough realtors try everything to make money. Nevertheless, these Realtors and real estate companies are not prepared to take care of Miami Beach lodging issues or equipped to handle the needs of a vacation rental. In the hospitability business handling vacation rental is considered a very harsh task even more difficult than managing a hotel. In a hotel most rooms are in the same location which makes things much easier, additionally a small room is much easier to manage that a 6 bedroom Miami Beach vacation rental or house.. For instance:

Customer Service – If you book Miami Beach lodging through a real estate company they in general do not employee customer service or a maintenance staff. This means you most likely will have to call the agent for all your needs from questions regarding checking-in & checking-out, to request housekeeping or even for maintenance emergencies. A management company like Miami habitat employees a full staff that is dedicated to your every need, no matter what time it may be.

Property Upkeep – Vacation Apartments in Miami must be maintained constantly and often will require regular repairs and maintenance. A real estate company markets a property for the purpose of renting it and they have no way to guarantee that your vacation rental is well maintained. If something breaks or any other problems arise during your stay who will you call to resolve the issue?

Cleaning Service – Is there a cleaning staff? A management company employees a full time housekeeping staff. The cleaning personnel generally will clean the vacation rental before you check-in and supply it with bathroom tissue, clean towels, extra sheets and even detergents and soaps. Most likely a real estate company will not have the staff to do this and everything from garbage disposal to housekeeping is up to you.