Best Miami Bars by Area & Miami Vacation Rentals

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In Miami it’s tough to avoid the bright lights and excitement of the many luxurious Nightclubs and chic lounges. For those visitors in Miami vacation rentals wishing dodge the velvet ropes and the attitude there are numerous outstanding bars. Some of the best Miami bars are more casual and frequented by locals regulars.

If you prefer to drink, hang out and chat with friends rather than dance and shout over the roar of loud house music, then a quieter less crowded place is the answer. Some of the best Miami bars are popular hangouts and frequented by the locals. Miami’s nightlife scene is always hopping but not just the big nightclubs…the Miami bar scene is growing greatly and the latest trend among Miamians.

Some of the bet Miami bars consist of quieter hidden waterholes, popular dive bars, classier upscale bars and other notable spots to have drinks and mingle without paying a fortune.

Best Miami Bars by Areas

Check out the bars below; some casual and some more upscale from South Beach and Miami Beach to Downtown Miami and further North.

Best Miami Bars in South Beach

Best Miami Bars in Miami Beach

Best Miami Bars in North Miami

Best Miami Bars in Miami