Best Lounges in Miami by Area & Miami Beach Vacation Rentals

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If you like to party Miami is the place to be. If you are in the mood for drinking and dancing all night long and want to mingle with the rich and famous then Miami is your city. Miami nightlife offers the hottest nightclubs and the best bars…but the latest trend is the new era of lounges that have sprung up all around town.

Spectacular lounges in Miami have popped up everywhere from glorious rooftops of five-star hotels to cozy piano bar hideaways. From downtown to South Beach and Miami to North Miami the best lounges in Miami are plenty and there’s a hotspot to suit your every mood. Look for love, cheer on your favorite sports team, mingle with the locals or simply quench your thirst at one of the many lounges in Miami.

Are you traveling to Miami for vacation and ready to dance and party the night away with the rich and famous? If yes, and you’re ready to drink and mingle then check out our list below of the best lounges in Miami by area.

Lounges in Miami by Area

Follow these links below to see the most popular watering holes and hotspots in each area and to see which ones are within close proximity of Miami Beach Vacation Rentals.

Best Lounges in South Beach

Best Lounges in Miami Beach

Best Lounges in North Miami

Best Lounges in Miami