Best time to book Miami vacation packages

Miami is a hotspot for people of all ages and even though it is associated with the ‘rich and famous’ just about anyone can afford Miami vacation packages without breaking the bank. There are many ways you can save money when booking Miami vacation packages. Those travelers that now the best times to book their vacations save significantly by securing cheap lodging in Miami.

Finding cheap lodging in Miami doesn’t mean you have to settle for accommodations that are out of the way or located in an undesirable location. You can save a bundle by avoiding the busiest weeks in Miami and booking your accommodations during the slower weeks and seasons. The winter and fall are Miami's peak seasons. When it’s cold in other parts of the country the tourism in Miami increases and so do the prices on accommodations Travelers can save up to 30% on most hotel rooms and Miami Beach vacation rentals during the hotter summer months you can save up to 30 percent on most hotel rooms.

It may be hot during the spring and summer months but Miami still has a lot to offer. There are several annual festivals that take place in Miami during the summertime. In July, you have the International Mango Festival, the Miami Reggae Festival and in August the Brazilian Film Festival. Vacationers can also save money when dining out during the summer months. Every August and September many of finer restaurants celebrate Miami Spice and offer fixed prices on lunches and dinners.