Basketball games Miami, South Beach vacation rentals news

Visitors in Miami come first and foremost to Miami to enjoy our wonderful beaches but also to take advantage of all our Miami Beah attractions our nightlifeand things to do. Guests in our South Beach vacation rentals often ask us to give them advise on what it is it that they should do.
Our response is Immediate: attend a Miami Heat basketball game. Basketball games are being played in downtown Miami at the American Airline Arena. The american airline arena is located at a 10 minutes drive from our South Beach vacation rentals.

NBA Basketball is one of the most popular and most viewed sports in the world. Miami has one, if not the best basketball best team in the US: the Miami Heat dream team. In that regard we are really gifted by havingfirst quality basketball game being played in our magic city.

The Miami Heat, born in the late 1980's, is the professional basketball team that represents Miami.

The Heat won the many NBA Championships In recent years, the team was very successful in attracting and retaining top talents such asAlonzo Mourning, Shaquille O'NealDwayne Wade just to name a few. Le Bron James on of the best players of all times have just joined the Miami Heat for the 2011-2012 season.

Make sure to make some time to go to a basketball game while you are in Miami you will positively love it, it is just an incredible show.

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