Are your prices negotiable?

Our company offers the largest number of vacation rentals in Miami Beach. We have been in business since 2000 and therefore have a very good understanding of the rate structure of our vacation rentals in Miami Beach. For more details on our rates, discounts, etc. please read ‘Why do prices change throughout the year?’

Our pricing strategy is very flexible and aggressive. Owners list their properties with us to rent them because they do not make money if the property is empty. It is for this reason that we offer competitive pricing and pass along great rates & discounts to our guests.

During low season we have low rates which will increase directly with occupancy rates. On a bi-weekly basis we are reassess our prices in order to maximize our occupancy rates. However, guests are always welcome to negotiate rates offered with any proposal. We will then do our best to bargain the price down with the owner in hopes to secure your booking. If we can respond favorably and offer more discounts we will happy to do so. If we can’t, please be assured we did our best and don’t hesitate to try us another time.

All proposals and price negotiations may be done over the phone or through email.