Are parties allowed at the rental property?

We offer Miami Beach vacation rentals that include single family homes as well as condos. Unfortunately no parties are allowed at any of our Miami Beach vacation rental homes or condos. The City of Miami and Miami Beach have strict noise violation laws that affect the neighborhoods surrounding our rentals. These laws also restrict any loud, excessive or unnecessary noise.

Excessive noise and improper parking of numerous cars along residential streets are a nuisance to other neighbors and home owners and a violation of city code. Parties are also against company policy as outlined in our rental contracts. We are very strict with our ‘no parties allowed’ policy and any violation is considered a breach of contract and may result in eviction from the Miami Beach vacation rental.

Our neighbors know that parties are illegal and will call the police if they hear any noise. Our rental agents will make it very clear to prospective renters that parties are not allowed. If you are looking for a party house, please look for another company.

Organizing an unauthorized party will result inevitable to harsh fines.