American Football

Within the United States, American football is simply known as football. Outside of North America, it is often referred to as tackle football or gridiron. The general object of football is to get the ball into the competing team's end zone by either running with it or passing it to another team member. Being easy to follow, this contact game is easily entertaining. The game is made up of four 15-minute quarters though the clock is stopped after some plays making the actual game last longer than three hours in most cases. There is a 12-minute half-time intermission after the second quarter. This is when they usually bring out entertainers to sing or perform. American football Miami is a collision sport and the players stop each other from taking the ball too far by tackling them which consists of knocking or pulling them down. American football Miami season usually runs from mid August into January. If you are a football fan, come and stay in vacation rentals Miami during this season. The Super Bowl is played in the first week of February. This year, the 2010 Super Bowl will be played in Miami. If you are hoping for a chance to even enjoy related events in Miami, hope that you can find vacation rentals Miami. American football Miami teams include the University of Miami Hurricanes for college football and the Miami Dolphins for the NFL. Find vacation rentals Miami today.