What to Expect at Miami Airport Immigration

When preparing holidays in Miami its is important to plan your trip by securing a Miami lodging, reserving a plane ticket but also by understanding all the hurdles and unknown you will be faced with upon your arrival. In this article we are focusing on international travelers.Before getting to your Miami lodging, you will need to clear customs, rent a car or hop up in a taxi.Your arrival in Miami will be the first unknown and travelers will need to get ready in order to clear customs.If you are visiting, you might find this Miami airport immigration information handy for learning about what to expect. Get into the line labeled “All Other Passports,” when passing through immigration services. You can expect to be photographed and be fingerprinted. Only the prints on your index fingers are taken, and it is done by digital scanner and camera, rather than ink. It is crucial to have forms properly filled with no mistakes.

The USCIS, which is under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will ask you questions. Be sure to answer as completely and courteously as possible. It is up to the immigration officer to decide if you have the right to enter the United States and how long your visa is valid. With the increased security measures and heightened concerns over terrorist activity, it is essential that all of the information that you present is up to date. If the officer believes that something is amiss, for instance you are engaging in activities or employment that is prohibited by the terms of your visa, he can deny your request.

Materials to Present at Miami Airport Immigrations:

  • Your passport
  • Your complete arrival and departure record card (I-94/I-94W)
  • If you are a permanent resident, bring your green card
  • Any other letters or documentation that backs up your visit to the U.S.