Visa for foreign travelers in the US

Miami is a dream destination for people who want to sunbathe on beautiful beaches, visit the city and Florida attractions, stay in Miami Beach accommodations and go out to the many lively bars and restaurants in Miami. The requirements of Visas for foreign travelers in the US require visitors entering the U.S. for tourism, medical care, studies, or any other reason, to have a non-immigrant visa. You must apply directly at the consulate or embassy of the United States in your country to get the appropriate Visas for foreign travelers in the US for your purpose of travel. For vacationers and business travelers, U.S. policy allows citizens of some countries the beneficial Waiver Program Visa to travel to the United States without Visas for foreign travelers in the US. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows visitors to come to the United States for 90 days or less as non-immigrant visitors. Visitors are still required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization ESTA, possess a passport valid for six months after the intended stay, a return ticket or a ticket providing continuity of travel outside the United States of America. If traveling aboard an air or sea carrier, the Waiver Program Visa should be signed and the traveler must possess a Form I-94W, available from the carrier. The requirements for Visas for foreign travelers in the US are many, but not impossible to fulfill. It will not encroach upon your pleasure of enjoying exciting holidays in Miami Beach accommodations. For more information, please visit Once all the paper work is out of the way, enjoy the Miami experience and your Miami Beach accommodations.