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Pretentious portions precede extreme prices for tasty food at Tuscan Steak. Stick to steaks and all the paraphernalia and you can’t fail. Steer clear of the pastas, or anything that sounds like it may be Tuscan, for that matter.

Family-style dining is Tuscan’s trademark, so best order a few dishes and pass them around, rather than every guest ordering for him self. Aristocratic décor with state of the art lighting, deep wood finishes and luxurious high-backed booths are the perfect setting for this quintessentially.

This excellent northern Italian restaurant, a member of the China Grill scion, is all about meat served Italian style, in large family-style portions. With a rich wood interior, the atmosphere is reminiscent of the dining room of a well-connected family -- ornate and very loud. The house salad is a massive undertaking of the classic antipasto, filled with shredded slices of salami and pepperoni, chunks of mozzarella, and a delicate vinaigrette. Be sure to order the sautéed spinach with garlic and the onion mashed potatoes with whichever steak you choose. All steaks are big enough for at least three people to share. The house specialty is a delicious T-bone steak served with pungent garlic purée. On any given weekend night, reservations are secondary to being friends with the ultratanned host, so expect a long wait for a table. The bar is the only place to wait if you can find a spot there, and drinks are rather pricey. The background music is straight out of Studio 54 and so is the flashy crowd. Despite the long waits, after one meal here, you'll likely want to kiss the ring of the true boss of this culinary mob scene -- the chef.

Restaurant info:
Tuscan Steak
Address: 433 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 - USA
Phone: (305) 534-2233

Hours: Dinner: Sun - Thur (5:30pm - 11pm), Fri - Sat (5:30pm - Midnight)
Cuisine: Steak, Seafood, and Italian served family-style
Appetizers: from $13, Entrees: from $15
La Famiglia Special: Mon - Sat (5:30 - 7:30), all night on Sunday