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The Port of Miami is known as the "Cruise Capital of the World," welcoming all the major cruise lines with its ever more luxurious ships. The water here serves as a cradle for dozens of floating pleasure palaces setting sail for the Caribbean and other exotic ports of call. Casino cruises depart daily for offshore waters in Greater Miami, offering Las Vegas-style gaming action on the high seas. Also there is the fishing; Miami has an area covered by over 70 artificial reefs ranging from 250 foot ships to army tanks. Productive reefs exist from 40 feet of water to over 350 feet. With the prevailing current of the Gulf Stream, and deep water only one and a half miles offshore, we are a conduit for pelagic fish on the move. We usually have twice yearly runs of kingfish, dolphin, false albacore, cobia, and Spanish mackerel. The everglade is also a great ocean activity. The Everglades Day Safari will be an exciting adventure through the different kingdoms that make up the "Everglades." You will be accompanied by a highly trained guide who will discuss the past, present and future of this truly unique area.

Florida underwater attractions allow Miami visitors to experience natural beauty and breathtaking sights unlike anywhere else. Greater Miami has one of the world's finest artificial reef programs, rated as one of the 20 best dive sites in Florida by Scuba Dive magazine. For divers and snorkelers who prefer their reefs au naturel, Greater Miami's Biscayne National Park is the place to go. The only living tropical reef within the continental U.S., the park sprawls over 180,000 acres and is a diver's dream come true. If you’re looking for Florida underwater fun or are interested in trying something new and exciting, then Miami is the perfect destination for you!

The blue, warm, tranquil waters make Greater Miami snorkeling an effortless and enjoyable experience. The artificial reefs that have given Miami the distinction of being "The Wreckreational Capital of the World" offer a fascinating look from above at the sea creatures teeming within. At Biscayne National Park, a living tropical reef marked by many varieties of coral, shelters about 400 species of marine life to explore on your Miami snorkeling adventure.

Wreck Diving
Below the Atlantic's surface, a few miles from shore, is a world that few know exists. Affectionately referred to as "The Wreckreational Capital of the World,"Miami, Florida wreck diving opportunities and artificial reefs consist of intentionally sunken vessels and objects meant to encourage sea life in the area. They include yachts and airplanes, even a concrete margarita bar, and make for fascinating underwater excursions and Miami, Florida wreck diving experiences

Scuba Diving
Enjoy a colorful and exciting backdrop on your Miami scuba diving excursion with an underwater environment including a water tower, airplanes, more than 30 ships and hundreds of concrete and limestone structures - all sunk to create artificial reefs. The reefs off nearby Key Biscayne as well as the famed reefs of Biscayne National Park are sure to complete your Miami scuba diving adventure.