Vacation rentals in Miami, Mokai Miami Beach

235 23rd Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-1409
Mokai of Miami Beach is part of the Opium Group and is one of the hottest lounges in Miami Beach. Located on 23rd Street near great vacation rentals of Miami, this club is worth the trouble of getting in the doors. The bouncers are selective and with good reason. This is the place to be for the hip crowd. The interior of Mokai of Miami Beach features red and purple lighting that emanates across the dance floor. The modern and minimalistic furnishings are classy and comfortable, but you won’t be sitting long with the DJs spinning music that will get you up on your feet to dance in the crowd. Finding a vacation rental in Miami near Mokai Lounge can be nothing short of luck, as the area is incredibly popular, in part due to the night life. If you want to be seen or see celebrities, come to Mokai.
The reviews on Mokai from Yelp and South Beach Magazine are mixed with some individuals having a great time and other complaining about various aspects of their night.
Getting In

A male reviewer from Yelp states that those who were being held at the door by the bouncer were “getting verbally torn apart,” but he had no trouble getting in. A female reviewer states that she and her six friends had no trouble getting in “without having to pay or wait in line.” Remember that the bouncers have the last say on who gets in and who doesn’t. You should dress the part if you want access to the club. One patron stated that she saw “a girl get denied for wearing sandals, followed by a group of pretty girl [SIC] wearing sandals and being let in.”

Some patrons complained that there were too many tables and not enough space on the dance floor, while others complained about the type of music. One South Beach Magazine female reviewer commented that the “‘house’ music was soulless and uninspiring.” A female patron commented on Yelp that she was “a fan of hip hop, so if you are too, this is the place to go on a Thursday night.” Another individual stated that the “go go dancers were killing the stage,” while another added that the DJs “kept the party jumping.”

The Staff

It seems that most people agree that the staff at Mokai is friendly and helpful. A few reviewers had a bad experience, but most agreed that staff “always wore a smile.”
The Prices

Even though it is no secret that prices at Mokai are relatively steep, reviewers continued to be appalled by the cost. A male stated that his group sat at a table and were told “to either get up or buy a bottle, which started at $350.” He says they headed to the bar and tried to purchase a $12 Heineken with his credit card, but was informed of the $50 minimum for paying with plastic. He was directed to the ATM, but was angry to discover that the fee was $8 to withdraw cash. Another reviewer adds, “I cringe to think what an actual cocktail would have cost.” However, one patron recommends getting a table, where one can get “buzzed without paying an arm and a leg for it.”


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