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As you can figure out from its name it’s a representation of the capitol city of Cuba in Miami. Litlle Havana is a very Cuban part of the city has a lot of charm and interest. If you have never visited Cuba which is probably the case, it is as close as it gets. Sounds, tastes and rhythms are Cubans; speaking Spanish is a definite plus. Having a "deadly" strong coffee in a Cuban coffee shop after a rich lunch or dinner in inexpensive but good quality restaurants is a must as well. We suggest the "Versailles". The people watching scene is exceptional with old Cubans playing Dominos and smoking cigars. Calle Ocho as it is called is not to be missed.


Little Havana (Spanish: La Pequeña Habana) is an ethnic enclave in Miami, Florida, with many Cuban immigrant residents. Little Havana is named after Havana, the capital and largest city in Cuba. The high number of Cuban refugees in Miami is due to its proximity to Cuba. Little Havana is famous as the cultural and political capital of Cuban Americans, and the neighborhood is a center of the Cuban exile community.

In recent years increasing numbers of Nicaraguan, and Puerto Rican immigrants have moved into the neighborhood, as increasing numbers of Cubans leave the area for the suburbs in western Miami and southwest Broward County. Part of Little Havana is now occasionally referred to as Little Managua after Managua, the Nicaraguan capital, although the city of Sweetwater several miles to the west is more popularly known as Little Managua due to its higher concentration of Nicaraguan Americans.