Miami Children Museum - Miami Beach attractions guide

If you have kids or just like to act like them! The Miami Children's Museum is a must see destination. Their motto of "Play, Learn, Imagine, and Create" shines through in the wide variety of interactive exhibits that allow children to explore everything from a supermarket to a television studio, picking up valuable lessons along the way.

This brand new museum, located across the MacArthur Causeway from Parrot Jungle Island, is a modern, albeit odd looking, 56,500-square-foot facility that includes 12 galleries, classrooms, a parent/teacher resource center, a Kid Smart educational gift shop, a 200-seat auditorium, and Subway restaurant. The museum offers hundreds of bilingual, interactive exhibits as well as programs and classes and learning materials related to arts, culture, community, and communication. Even as an adult, I have to say I was tempted to participate in some kids-only activities and exhibitions, such as the miniature Bank of America and Publix Supermarket, and a re-creation of the NBC 6 television studio. There's also a re-creation of a Carnival cruise ship and even a port stop in a re-created Brazil. Perhaps the coolest thing of all is the World Music Studio in which aspiring Britneys, Justins, and Lenny Kravitzes can lay down a few tracks and play instruments.

General Information:
Address: 980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, Florida
Phone: 305/373-5437
Hours: Daily 10am-6pm