Bal Harbour Mall, Miami Beach Vacation rentals

Spending holidays in Miami Beach may involve a lot of things to do in Miami, shopping is definitely one of those. Miami attracts visitors for its great beaches, its activities, its nightlife but also its fine shopping. Bal Harbour is the place to visit when fine shopping is concerned. Bal Harbour is also one of the most upscale areas of Miami and this is why our Miami Beach vacation rentals are very popular. Our Miami Beach vacation rentals in Bal Harbour are luxurious and obviously ideally located for shopping lovers.

By today's mega mall size, Bal Harbour Shops 500,000 square foot al fresco shopping experience seems refreshingly intimate, though its economic impact rivals the super regionals. Bal Harbour ranked the number one most productive shopping center in the U.S., based on average sales per square foot, according to Women's Wear Daily. The shops achieved sales of $1,350 per square foot, more than three times the national average of $340. Only the Forum Shops in Las Vegas even comes close at #2 and Ala Moana Shopping center in Honolulu ranks #3 in the nation.

In the annals of retail success stories, perhaps no tale boasts as many twists and turns than the outdoor mall that started as little more than a gleam in one man's eye. Then again, Bal Harbour Shops is no ordinary shopping center: Offering an unparalleled selection of world-renowned designers, set amid the lush tranquility of a breezy, tree-lined locale, Bal Harbour sets the standard for innovative retail destinations-indeed, according to Women's Wear Daily, no other venue does more business per square foot than the ultra-luxe environs of Bal Harbour Shops.

You need only meet the three men who oversee the center's day-to-day operations to realize why, after 40 years, Bal Harbour Shops continues to foster a reputation as the country's number-one retail sensation. There's managing partner Randy Whitman, a jovial, nononsense type who has witnessed many changes since joining Bal Harbour Shops in 1974, and his nephew, Matthew Whitman Lazenby, the leasing partner who represents both the third generation and the company's future. But the heart and soul of Bal Harbour Shops is easily Stanley Whitman, the visionary who founded the innovative shopping center that opened its doors 40 years ago. Though unofficially retired from running the company, Stanley, now 86, still reports to his office each day, as his passion for the property has anything but waned.

"I come in every day because I love it," Stanley admits. "In real estate you're not supposed to have a love for a piece of property-you do that, and you get in trouble. But I do, I love this place."

Such passion is one of the reasons Stanley Whitman has often been compared to another 20th-century visionary, Walt Disney; yet while fantasy and retail management are only tangentially related, it's true that both men very Mbay such had one thing in common: to look at a desolate plot of land and envision magic.

Stores Open:
Monday - Saturday 10AM - 9PM
Sunday: Mall Stores 12PM - 6PM
Sunday: Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue 12PM - 7PM
* Holiday Hours May Vary

9700 Collins Ave Miami Beach, Fl 33154

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